Making the Community
A Better Place

United Platform

Promoting Togetherness
and Contribution

Thank you, Southlake

An initiative by SFSLF Youth

For Future Generations

Promoting Growth
For Our Youth

Our goal is to create a platform for like-minded people to come together and contribute their little bits to make our community a better place for us to live in and our generations to enjoy!

Yard Readiness

August 14, 2022

Southlake Foundation students participated in the "Back to School - Yard Readiness" initiative for the upcoming school year. 75-plus students helped clean up the yards and play areas of 11 CISD school campuses for two hours in the morning. Plastic bottles, paper, plastic bags, and broken glass were among the items..


Harbor Chase Visit

August 1st, 2022

Southlake Foundation youth leaders performed a musical concert for Harbor Chase seniors in Southlake. Our talented student leaders put on an amazing musical show, which the residents thoroughly enjoyed. Several seniors were singing along, moving their arms and tapping their feet to the music.


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"The families of the Southlake foundation work tirelessly to improve our community and the lives of those around them. As Mayor, I could not be prouder of their service to the Southlake community. Thank you, Southlake foundation, for all you do. It is an honor to work alongside you for the betterment of our neighbors and friends."


John Huffman

Mayor of Southlake

"CEF is proud to partner with the Southlake Foundation and support their goal of bringing our community together. In fact, we love attending their "United We Run" event. Southlake Foundation’s commitment to our community, including CISD teachers and students, is making a positive impact toward making Southlake a better place to live."


Carroll Education Foundation

"Southlake Foundation is a wonderful organization that brings people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together in our community. They are a refreshing force for good. I applaud them for the positive impact they are making in Southlake."


Mark Guilbert

Southlake Chamber of Commerce

"The student leaders of the Southlake Foundation assisted in both the GRACE Feed Our Kids and GRACE Grocery Giveaway programs this summer leaving a lasting impact on each student who received lunch and each family who received groceries. These students fully embraced the GRACE Mission as they greeted each individual with a huge smile, radiated positive energy, and demonstrated compassion from their kind hearts."


Grace Grapevine

"The Southlake Foundation has donated countless volunteer hours to the Southlake community since it was founded in 2019. Their mission to promote, participate, and progress Southlake resonates with every event they organize. Thank you for your continuous philanthropy and commitment to making Southlake a great place to live."


Cameron Bryan

Carroll ISD School Board Trustee, Place 4

A Recent Honorable Mention by the City of Southlake

We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the Southlake Foundation. The student members have been on site all week serving City employees across different divisions lunch as a part of the “Southlake Foundation Initiative".

United We Run

Southlake Foundation is hosting the color run at Bicentennial Park, Southlake “United We Run” with a mission of “Bringing the Community Together”. Come have fun and run with colors. While you run, color will be thrown along the way.

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