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Special Stars Program

Introducing the Southlake Foundation Special Stars Program :

The Southlake Foundation Special Stars Program is dedicated to providing vital support to both the Carroll ISD special education programs and the Southlake Special Olympics. Our mission is to enhance the educational experience and athletic opportunities for students enrolled in special education within our community.

For CISD special education classes, our program offers financial assistance aimed at improving the quality of education and providing essential tools for enhanced learning. Funds are allocated upon approval from the Southlake Foundation Board, ensuring that every dollar is directed towards impactful initiatives that directly benefit students.

Additionally, Southlake Special Olympics athletes can access funding for essential sports equipment, uniforms, and other necessary items, enabling them to participate fully in these enriching athletic experiences.

It's important to note that the Southlake Foundation Special Stars Program serves as a supplemental resource, stepping in when other sources of funding have been exhausted. This ensures that every student and athlete has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of financial constraints.

To apply for funding or to learn more about our program, please click the link below to submit your application. For any inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Together, let's empower and support our special stars to reach new heights of achievement and success.

Board of Directors:

Laura McCaskill

Rebecca Paredes

Jay Waheed

Deepa Colluru

Ann Marie Walker